No time to get to a doctor? Let the doctor come to you!

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Desert Mobile Medical is the answer for busy people who don't have time or are too sick to get to the doctor's office. Or for a family member who maybe shut in or unable to drive or is to fragile to make the trip to see a doctor. Dr. Parish Goel is a medical doctor who left the a hospital position to start his own practice so he could give his patients the care and time they deserved. Desert Mobile Medical offers primary care services without the need for health insurance for only $100 per month Trade. Dr. Parish can write prescriptions and order blood work - which are not include. He can also arrange for mobile labs and imaging that will also come to your home or office. This service is available for those 16 yrs and over. Consider offering this service to your employees. Desert Mobile Medical is 24/7 and Valleywide. For more information, visit Desertmobilemedical.com. or Call Dr. Parish at 833-366-3721.