Helen's Asian Kitchen 14" Excalibur Wok Set

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The Excalibur Wok is great for anyone who would like to stir-fry at home thanks to the nonstick surface that will help to keep your foods from sticking to the pan. Excalibur is a nonstick material that is reinforced with stainless steel, resulting in a pan with the durability and strength of stainless steel with the quick release of nonstick. It's perfect for a variety of low-fat cooking methods such as stir fry, saute, braise, stew or boil. You can even deep fry in the wok.

The core of the 14" diameter wok is heavy-gauge carbon steel for quick and uniform heating. During application, the Excalibur nonstick becomes fused to the carbon steel to produce a pan that is 2mm thick. The bottom of the pan is flat, so it can be used on any gas, electric, or induction stovetop. The wok includes a stay-cool, quadruple-riveted handle plus a helper handle for comfort and balance. The domed lid is made of tempered glass and reinforced with a stainless steel rim.
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