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Holistic doctor, Dr. James Moore, uses herbs, acupuncture and Oriental medicine when treating his patients. His comprehensive healthcare facility is designed to help with all your medical needs including - arthritis, immune dysfunction, chronic fatigue, all types of pain, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, hypertension, menstrual difficulties, and menopause - just to name a few. All diseases are treated by gentle, natural methods with great results and without side effects. Dr. Moore can also help with anti-aging and preventive medicine. The health center is a fully stocked herbal pharmacy for individualization and offers IV vitamin therapy, Chelation, cutting-edge oxidative therapies,complete line of vitamins and supplements. The services provided are on a case-by-case and treatment-to-treatment need with experienced care. For more information visit - Herbalconsults.com. And, to schedule an appointment call Dr. Moore at 602-923-6310.