For a Good & Healthy Meal, visit Waba Grill!


Waba Grill serves boneless, skinless, fat-trimmed chicken, and other high quality meat.Their salads are prepared shortly before serving, the veggies are lightly steamed to perfection, and all meats are charbroiled. Nothing is fried and no oil is used in the cooking process. You will enjoy the clean, low-fat, healthy entrees freshly prepared to order that appeal to your desire for tasty food, served at "on the go" speed.

***Cooked Fresh to Order
***Low Fat, Low Calories
***Low Carb Options
***High Protein
***Fresh Vegetables
***& Absolutely Delicious!!
Proudly Accepts TSI Entertainment Cheques !
Two locations -
16635 Tatum Blvd,Phoenix,AZ 85032
555 N. Scottsdale Rd. #101,Tempe,AZ 85281